Upcycle Downtown!


Upcycle Downtown!

This weekend (September 7, 2012) begins a weekend of recycled excitement thanks to the Thomasville Center For The Arts !  Visit Thomasville GA (just north of Tallahassee) and experience how artists turn used materials into beautiful new products and artwork!   The whole town is being UPCYCLED!


The winning entry in our REDESIGN CONTEST!

Our first REDESIGN contest and we are so proud of the entries received! Because Sustained Styles furnishings are all preowned and almost new, they make any interior space look new and fabulous! And…the prices are sooo low, below wholesale and it is a perfect way to practice a small act to help our mother earth and do it with STYLE!

We will have this contest again, so save your pictures of your new spaces using items from Sustained Style!

Big Box Furniture

Drexel Heritage Dining Set

A Better Choice!

Because I want to shout from the rooftops about furniture and sustainability I need to first comment about furniture from the big boys, you know, the stores that sell entire bedrooms for $599 and finance over 5 years!!! Wow! How can you turn that offer down?

Run, run away. First and foremost, if you move this furniture more than a few times, it will be ready to throw away. The paper thin veneers will peel off at the first scrape against your doorway molding. Have teenagers? Do they have friends? Chances are they will destroy any structural integrity (oxymoron) of the furniture and it will break.

Expecting Big Box furniture to last five years is ambitious and optimistic…I knew a VP of a very LARGE Big Box Store – I saw him at High Point NC at the furniture market – he was looking for a new job, he morally couldn’t sell furniture to people and finance their products for longer terms than he knew the furniture would last.

There are soooo many other issues which I will discuss later but save your money, go to a consignment store where really great fine furniture is sold and buy well constructed furniture that will last years for the same amount or less than you would leave at the other places (we won’t mention their names). Tell the movers to bring it on…your “new” furniture will be able to take whatever it is given!

Interiors, Sustainablility and Style!

Beautiful Preowned Furniture

Interiors and sustainability! I am passionate about both, so how do I marry the two? It’s so much easier than anyone can imagine. There is an abundance of very fine almost new furniture on the secondary market – too wonderful to be ignored.

Sustained Style For The Home is a furniture consignment store but we offer only almost new designer furniture – Baker, Century, Henredon, EJ Victor, custom – such beautiful items from mid-century to contemporary and some antiques thrown into the mix as well.

I have been fighting for the environment my whole life – I watched the draining of the Everglades by developers (my father was one of them) in the 60’s and 70’s and today I see how we are worried about drought and where we will be finding water if we don’t get rain. As an adult, I now see the global implications of our reckless handling of our planet.

So… design and environment, how do we enjoy great style and have the least negative impact to our environment? Reuse and redesign – preowned fine furniture at less than wholesale prices! Organic Fabrics by Oecotextiles, a company that shares these values and uses no chemicals in the manufacturing process – textiles are another blog – soooo awful for our water, our bodies. I will come back to that another time.

No need to “green wash” in design – instead renew~reuse~redesign….I will show you how!